Screenly Newsletter - July 2019

A digital signage display from Screenly.

Hello again from our team to yours! It’s hard to believe that the second quarter has come to an end. However, when we look back, it’s also hard to believe all the progress we have made! We’ve launched a ton of new features and software improvements recently, and we’re excited to share them with you in this newsletter.

New reads from Screenly

We’ve added some great content to our blog! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the following posts:

The Changelog

We are continuously improving Screenly and iterating based on customer feedback. Here are some of the most recent additions and improvements to Screenly:

  • You can now connect your audio system via the Raspberry Pi 3.5mm audio jack.
  • New accounts now have a demo playlist of preloaded images. This addition is great for users who want to launch their digital sign and are yet to upload any content.
  • We’ve rolled out multi-user support as a standard feature for all Screenly accounts. Now, everyone can provide unique logins with specific permission levels for each of their team members.
  • New screens now automatically receive a unique name. This feature is useful for teams who are setting up multiple screens and need to be able to refer to each screen individually.
  • Users can now click a toggle button to enable or disable a playlist rather than having to remove or add the playlist for each screen or group.
  • Users can now enter Basic auth credentials for supported web assets without having to encode the credentials in the web asset header. This feature provides a more user-friendly experience for web asset authentication.

We think you’ll love these new features! Let us know if you have any feature requests or improvements in mind. If so, send a line to Screenly Support. Our job is to provide you with the best digital signage on the market, and we love hearing from our customers!

What’s next at Screenly?

For the third quarter, we have a ton of product improvements on our roadmap. Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter feed to find out when new features launch!

Also, coming up this July, our CEO Viktor Petersson will be participating in the Action Medical Research for Children cycling event from London to Paris! It’s a great event for a great cause! If you’re keen to donate to medical research for children, check out this link here.

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