How can enterprise digital signage software benefit my company?

An image of a store that uses enterprise digital signage software.

At its core, a digital sign is simply a display screen that shows content. In this function, a digital sign must regularly display new content to remain relevant and exciting to viewers. A digital sign that consistently displays the same content week after week will quickly lose its appeal, and viewers will learn to disregard the digital sign entirely.

For an enterprise’s digital sign deployment to regularly display new and fresh content, the business must pair their digital signs with digital signage software. Digital signage software enables digital sign operators to quickly and easily update content for a single digital sign or a group of signs. With digital signage software, businesses can keep their digital signage content fresh without dedicating a ton of labor hours to manual content updates.

How does enterprise digital signage software work?

Most modern enterprise digital signage software is offered via an online SaaS model. This model means that users access the software via a web browser, and users store their digital signage content on the platforms central servers. To access the “software-as-a-service,” users pay a monthly subscription fee. This fee varies depending on the number of screens the user has and the amount of data storage the user needs for his or her digital signage content.

Within digital signage software’s online web interface, users can upload and schedule content to run on one or several screens. This content can include images, videos, motion graphics, and even live webpages. With scheduling functionality, enterprise digital signage software allows users to set up a month’s worth of digital signage content in a single sitting. For the rest of the month, the user can focus on other tasks that are more crucial for their business without the distraction of needing to update digital signage content regularly.

The software then communicates with each sign’s digital signage player, which then renders the desired content onto the selected display screens. Digital signage players can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some, such as the Screenly Player, are built on top of power-efficient and cost-effective Raspberry Pi hardware.

How else can enterprise digital signage software benefit my company?

The right enterprise digital signage software provides superpowers for your digital signs. In addition to being able to schedule and change content remotely, enterprise digital signage software enables companies to do a whole lot more with their digital signs.

For example, with the right digital signage software, users can display web pages that exist behind an authentication page. This feature means that web pages that require a username and password are no longer off-limits in terms of showing them on your digital sign. This feature is particularly relevant for those who wish to use their digital sign as a business data dashboard. Most business data applications keep your business data behind a username and password (as they should!). You can now keep your business data secure and simultaneously display business data on a beautiful dashboard display.

Secondly, with enterprise digital signage software, you can hook up a digital sign to your backend systems via a digital signage API. This feature means that you can have your digital signage content change automatically depending on preset rules and inputs from your databases. For example, if it is currently raining outside, a digital sign for a clothing retailer could automatically display rain-compatible clothing options.

With enterprise digital signage software, your digital sign will also be able to access a suite of user applications. For example, with the right digital signage software, you can display a digital signage clock or the digital signage weather forecast using the Screenly Clock App and Screenly Weather App, respectively. Additionally, you can display your personal or business calendar using Screenly’s Google Calendar digital signage integration. This integration is great for an office wall digital sign, as it allows an individual or an entire team to keep upcoming deadlines and meetings top-of-mind.

Lastly, enterprise digital signage software allows users to check in remotely on the health of each screen. If a screen is down or is experiencing playback issues, users will be able to see this issue on a central dashboard within their business digital signage software’s web interface. This feature allows teams to quickly address any problems with their digital signage deployment and achieve maximum screen uptime.

What about enterprise digital signage software security?

For enterprise teams, security is always an important concern. Enterprises rely on complex IT networks and private company databases to keep operations running on a day-to-day basis. Accordingly, enterprise IT professionals must protect this infrastructure from hackers and other bad actors, and they must ensure that a digital signage deployment does not expose the company to any additional risks.

With a digital signs, hackers can force the signs to display embarrassing or inappropriate content. If hackers show such content on customer-facing digital signs, the PR team is sure to have a busy day. Additionally, hackers can use vulnerable enterprise digital signage software to access company servers and steal or alter sensitive data.

Unfortunately, many digital signage provides treat digital signage security as an afterthought. When selecting enterprise digital signage software, be sure to check out the steps that the developers have taken to ensure that the software is secure. These steps can include using a secure Linux-based operating system, such as Ubuntu Core, and ensuring that there are no open network ports. Additionally, it is important that digital signage software has automatic updates so that your digital signs are secure against patched vulnerabilities. Lastly, be sure that all communications between your digital signage software and digital signage players are encrypted to prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Check out our page on digital signage security to learn more on how Screenly keeps your digital signage software protected.

How do I get started with enterprise digital signage software?

If you know that enterprise digital signage software can benefit your company, you’re probably wondering how you can get started with your first digital signage deployment. Getting started with business digital signage software is easy! All you have to do is sign up online for Screenly’s business digital signage software. It just takes a few clicks. If you have any questions or if you have any trouble signing up for Screenly, feel free to reach out to Screenly Support. We’re always happy to help.

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