Screenly Newsletter November 2019

How are we almost midway through the fourth quarter again? The months have been flying! The Screenly team has had an exciting past few months, and we’d like to share some details on our progress!

We’re back from Screenly Summit 2019!

The Screenly team attended the annual Screenly Summit this October in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal. Almost all of the team could make it, and the team had a great time together. We spent a week living and working together, and we are all excited about the year ahead.

Screenly is a fully remote team, and we typically only see each other on video calls. For remote teams, an annual summit meeting can be extremely valuable, as it allows the team to interact face-to-face in an informal setting. During Screenly Summit 2019, our team grew closer together, and we will continue into the upcoming year as a stronger and more collaborative unit.

To learn more about Screenly Summit 2019, check out our full recap linked here!

Check out our latest must-read blog posts.

We’ve added some exciting and hopefully useful content to our blog. If you haven’t already, check out the following articles:

Get an early briefing on our upcoming features.

We’re always working on new features, and we have some exciting releases coming out shortly. Our team made a ton of progress during our time together at Screenly Summit 2019, and we are excited to share these product updates with you soon! Here’s an early briefing:

  • We’re giving a full revamp to the Screenly web interface. Users will be able to manage their screens and digital signage content more intuitively and efficiently. Additionally, the new interface looks gorgeous!
  • We’re improving the process for adding a screen. After we deploy our changes, the add screen process will feature notifications that update the user at each step of the pairing process.

We’re hiring a Project/Community Manager for Screenly OSE

Screenly OSE is the most popular open source digital signage solution on GitHub, and were looking for an individual to take Screenly OSE to the next level. Visit the Screenly OSE GitHub repository here to learn more about the project.

A big part of the role will be to stay on top of conversations on Github and on our forum. The individual will also be responsible for monitoring and engaging with conversations on other channels, such as Reddit and Twitter. The ideal candidate has a background in computer science and is interested in open source community building and helping users out with their problems!

Learn more about this position with Screenly OSE on UpWork here!

That’s all for now!

We hope you enjoyed this update on where we are and where we’re going! We have big plans on the Screenly roadmap, so stay on the lookout!

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