Launching franchise digital signage

A franchise location with digital signs for menu boards.

Ensuring a consistent experience across franchise locations can be a difficult task. Customers want a product and service that they know and love, and it is up to franchise corporate offices to ensure that all branches meet those customer expectations. One aspect of maintaining consistency across the franchise portfolio includes a consistent digital content.

In this article, we cover how franchise businesses can maintain consistent digital content across branches by using digital signage. We cover the high-level strategic benefits of digital signage, and we also discuss some of the key features that customers can use to manage digital signs across the enterprise. Lastly, we cover how franchise businesses can get started with digital signage today.

What is franchise digital signage?

First, a digital sign is any TV or monitor that displays custom content for a user or business. Digital signs involve a digital signage player, which is a small, physical device that renders content to a screen. Digital signs typically also involve digital signage software, which allows a user to add, remove, and manage content from anywhere using a web browser. Lastly, the actual screen can be any TV or monitor that accepts HDMI input.

Franchise digital signage refers to digital signs used across multi-location businesses. These businesses can be across town, across the country, or even across many locations internationally. With digital signage software, a user can manage the content of one or multiple screens at once, all from a laptop.

Key benefits of franchise digital signage

When individual franchise branches are responsible for their own digital content, both quality and consistency often suffer. These issues can harm a franchise’s brand image. The brand image can suffer both in terms of the customer experience and customer perception regarding the company’s professionalism.

With modern digital signage, franchise corporate offices can create and deploy the same quality content to all franchise branches or just franchise branches within a particular region. Importantly, technicians do not have to visit each screen location physically to update content. Instead, even non-technical users can easily manage content in just a few clicks from anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition to removing and adding content at scale efficiently, franchise headquarters can ensure that content plays at the right time. This ability is essential to ensure that limited time offers and promotions only display when they are appropriate. Without proper and timely management of special offers and discount codes, both customers and employees can become confused quickly.

Modern digital signage software also makes it easy to manage the health of a franchise’s screens. A central IT department and regional IT technicians can receive notifications whenever a screen fails and needs attention. This experience differs from IT departments only hearing about a failed screen after a customer or employee complaint.

Important features for franchise digital signage

One important feature for franchise digital signage is playlist scheduling functionality. With playlist scheduling, users can plan content for months in advance in just a single sitting. This feature saves franchise content managers from having to interrupt their daily workflows to manage digital signage content.

Another important feature is that franchise users can group related screens with labels. For example, users can label screens with a unique location or region number. Then, users can manage all screens with a particular label at once. This feature can help users save hours by not having to adjust content on one screen at a time.

Also, some franchise users wish to connect their digital signs with their business databases, and users can meet that requirement by using a digital signage API. With a digital signage API, users can program automatic content changes based on database values and events. For example, if a fast-food franchise location runs out of a specific menu item, that location’s digital signs can automatically stop showing offers for that item.

How to get started with franchise digital signs

Getting started with digital signs at your franchise is easy. We recommend that you schedule a demo with a member of the Screenly team as your first step. We can help answer any questions you have and help ensure that Screenly is a good fit for your franchise’s use cases. If you have any questions with an existing deployment, please reach out to Screenly Support.

If you would like to see inside Screenly right now, sign up for a free 14-day trial of Screenly here.

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