What is the price of digital signage?

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What is the price of digital signage?

Price is often a significant factor when a company is deciding on a digital signage solution. While digital signage prices can vary widely depending on the complexity and scale of the project, there are some general cost estimates that one can expect when choosing a digital signage solution. In the post below, we highlight the major components of a digital signage deployment and detail how much a company should expect to pay for each part.

The cost of a display screen for your digital sign

Digital signs can use any TV or monitor that accepts HDMI input as a display screen. Fortunately, the cost of display screens has plummeted in recent years. Anyone can go to their local electronics store or even a supermarket and pick up a large TV screen for around $200.

Some specialty screens may cost more. For example, users who wish to display content in 4K resolution should expect to pay more. Also, users who need commercial-grade screens that will show content 24/7 should expect each display screen to cost around $1,000 or more. Commercial-grade screens, such as NEC screens, may feature high brightness levels for displaying content outdoors, and they may feature enclosure units to protect the screens against rain and humidity.

However, in many cases, companies have TV screens that are unused from previous projects. IT departments can often use existing equipment for their deployment and cut out the cost of new display screens entirely.

The cost of a digital signage player

In addition to a display screen, each digital sign needs a digital signage player. A digital signage player is a physical device that renders content to a user’s screen. Most digital signage players can display images, videos, and even webpages.

Digital signage players become more expensive when users require features such as touch-screen compatibility, 4K or 8K content support, and video-wall compatibility. While these features are often impressive, they are unnecessary for many use cases.

The cost of digital signage software

In addition to a display screen and digital signage player, users need digital signage software to manage and schedule their content. Most digital signage software bills as a monthly SaaS product for around $30 a month per screen. With digital signage software, users can log in to their online accounts and manage their content from anywhere with an internet connection.

Key features of digital signage software include content scheduling capabilities and screen health monitoring. With content scheduling, users can take care of their digital signage content for a month or more in a single sitting. Users can create a custom playlist and set the playlist to display at the desired time. With screen health monitoring, users can receive notifications when a screen requires troubleshooting. This capability helps reduce screen downtime and helps teams respond to issues more quickly.

Getting started with Screenly

You can learn more about our digital signage software on our Features page, and you can learn more about our digital signage player, the Screenly Player, on our Players page. Also, if you have a large digital signage deployment, be sure to check out the Screenly Enterprise page.

If you have any questions about digital signage costs and prices, do not hesitate to reach out to Screenly Support.

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