How to make more sales with digital signage this holiday season

Outdoor retails stores at a holiday market.

It is hard to imagine that the holiday season is upon us again. Retailers this year may be looking for new ways to win more sales from holiday shoppers. Of course, retailers are always looking to increase sales. However, this year, they may also be looking to cover losses from pandemic-related slowdowns over the past few months.

One way for retailers to increase sales this holiday season is by using digital signs. Read our post below to learn more about how retailers can get the most out of digital signs during the 2020 holidays.

Ways that retailers can use digital signs

A digital sign is any TV or monitor that displays custom content. Digital signs often replace physical posters as a more engaging alternative, as digitals signs can display dynamic images, videos, motion graphics, and even website content. Ways that users can get the most out of retail store digital signs this holiday season include:

Attracting passerby shoppers. Shoppers may only be searching for one item and intend to be in and out of a mall or department store quickly. Digital signs can help attract those shoppers to your store or other product sections.

Displaying promotional offers. Everyone loves a good deal during the holidays. Retailers can use digital signs to share promotional offers and special sales.

Showing product demonstrations. Sometimes, one of the best ways to sell a product is to show it in action. Retailers can use digital signs to show product demonstrations right next to their existing product displays.

Displaying COVID-19 safety information. This year has certainly been unique with the COVID-19 pandemic. Retailers can use digital signs to display COVID-19 safety information and protocols. Using a digital sign to show shoppers that your store follows federal and local COVID-19 guidelines can help shoppers feel more comfortable to enter your store.

Showing programmatic advertisements. Retailers can show programmatic ads that are specific to their store location’s current inventory. Retailers can use Screenly’s digital signage API to coordinate their digital signage content automatically with their backend inventory systems.

The above use cases are just a few of the many ways retailers can use digital signs to increase sales. If there is a particular use case you are wondering about that we have not included, let us know! We are always happy to help. Check our out digital signage use cases page to learn more about the many ways businesses can use digital signs.

Getting started with digital signage for retail stores

Retail stores can get started with digital signage quickly and easily. Digital signs do not require a several month installation process, and retailers who are new to digital signage can have something up and running in less than a day. Simply pair your digital signage player with your online Screenly account, and plugin your digital signage player into your screen.

To get started, sign up for a free 14-day trial of Screenly here.

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