Using digital signs to improve internal communications

A team at a company meeting struggling with internal communication.

As an organization grows, it can be increasingly challenging to communicate with the entire team effectively. Sure, there is always email, but email can become noise at a certain point, and employees start to ignore it. After an organization grows to dozens or hundreds of people, departments need to reimagine their internal communication strategies in order to share their messages and essential information effectively.

One increasingly popular internal communication tool is a digital sign. With a digital sign, users can display key messages on a TV or monitor in a central location. Employees do not have to read long emails - which are usually only skimmed, at best - or attend unproductive meetings. Instead, digital signs can enable employees to see internal communications at a glance.

Digital signage content for internal communications

Of course, posters have existed long before digital signs, and they serve much the same purpose: display relevant content to people nearby. However, with digital signs, teams can display much more engaging and interactive multimedia content. This content can include images, videos, and even live web pages of a team’s favorite online dashboards and tools.

With a digital sign, teams can display multimedia content for:

One of the key benefits of digital signs over other internal communication tools is that users can change content quickly and easily. Teams do not have to schedule a meeting, print out material, or call other team members. Instead, teams can update the content on their digital signs in seconds and instantly get their messages out to their teams.

With digital signage software, teams can update content remotely from a central web interface. Users do not have to make a physical visit to each digital sign to update content. This ability is particularly useful for companies with large corporate campuses or many national or international locations. A user can upload new content to his online account from anywhere and assign that content to one or multiple screens.

Where to put a digital sign in an office or corporate campus

Digital signs belong in places with high-foot traffic and high-visibility, and users should focus on having their digital signs enable interruption-free information sharing. A team’s goal with a digital signage deployment should be enabling employees to consume important internal communication content on-the-go.

However, the content on each digital sign does not have to be for everyone. Users can set up digital signs for particular locations at their offices and curate each digital sign’s content for specific audiences. Examples include:

  • Department-specific digital signage. Users can set up digital signs in the office space for each department and display information that is most useful to that subset of employees. For example, digital signs in the sales department can display sales KPIs, and digital signs in the IT department can display infrastructure uptime data.
  • Lobby digital signage. Users can set up digital lobby signs to display relevant and appropriate information for both employees and customers. This content can include corporate branding assets and public company updates.
  • Breakroom digital signage. Users can set up digital signs in break rooms and assign less formal, friendly content to those screens. Content can include birthday messages, recent team successes, or the latest sports updates.

With digital signage software, managing these multiple screens and location-specific content is easy. Users can organize content into unique playlists, such as a “Sales team content” playlist. Next, users can assign tags to each associated screen, such as a “Sales team” screen tag, and a user can then trigger the sales team playlist to only play on sales team screens. Users can then repeat the process for each screen group in their organizations.

Get started with Screenly digital signage

To start improving your organization’s internal communications with digital signs, sign up for a free 14-day trial with Screenly. Screenly provides the digital signage management software and digital signage players you need to transform any TV or monitor into a beautiful digital sign. Simply create an online account, connect your Screenly Player to your TV, and start displaying internal communication content to your team in minutes.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions about getting started with digital signs in your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to Screenly Support. We’re here to help.

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