Digital Signage for Gyms

Screenly provides a powerful platform to communicate with your gym members via digital signage.

Screenly provides a powerful platform to communicate with your gym members via digital signage.

As a business owner, regardless of which industry you’re in, you’ve heard by now that content is king. For gyms, where customers take themselves to your physical location, content doesn’t have to reside only in the virtual world. Smart gym owners use digital signage screens to show their content to members inside the gym.

How gyms can utilize digital signage displays

The marketing impact of digital signage solutions

As human beings, we are visually-oriented and inherently disinclined to keep our New Year’s resolutions. Use these tendencies to create and display content that will cater to your gym members. Give your members a motivational nudge with visual content. How about local success stories? Transformation testimonials are huge in the fitness industry.

On a more practical level, assist members’ daily progress by flashing well-being tips. Don’t rely on members’ sheer willpower to keep themselves returning to your gym; purposefully trigger them to keep coming back. Garnering a herd of devoted gym members is a financially lucrative strategy that even contributes to organic marketing (aka customer retention).

Screenly’s digital signage solution is ideal for advertising. Unlike ads placed on conventional advertising mediums, digital signage based ads do not need to compete for your members’ attention with a multitude of ads from other firms (such as on TV commercials). Gym members are naturally inclined to pay attention to your gym’s messages and content, as they come from a company that they already know and trust.

Since your members have already committed time to spend at the gym, you aren’t stealing their time with digital signage content. Instead, you are assisting your members with their pursuits: to increase their fitness and better their health. Your screens can provide practical info geared towards your gym members’ convenience, such as:

  • Announcements
  • Information about courses
  • Training schedules
  • Room booking schedules and occupancy statuses

Promotional content can also enhance your members’ time at the gym (plus boost sales for your gym’s secondary offerings). You can use digital signage to promote:

Corporate wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs are known to provide a variety of benefits to companies such as improved productivity, an increased sense of community, and decreased stress. Some health insurers even provide discounts on health insurance costs for companies with a corporate wellness program, as employers with a corporate wellness program have lower average healthcare costs over time compared to employers without a corporate wellness program. On digital signage displays, your gym can offer corporate wellness packages with group discounts and other perks to your members. If just one of your members convinces their employer to institute a corporate wellness program, this may bring an additional ten or so members to your gym at minimum.

Special club offers or loyalty programs

Gyms can use digital signage to advertise special club offers or loyalty programs to their members. Such programs may offer benefits such as great deals on nutritional supplements and protein powder, monthly personal training sessions, or even discounted massages at the local chiropractor or spa. Gyms can benefit from these programs by increasing customer loyalty and decreasing customer churn.

Cafeteria, snack bar,or cafe menu boards (new items, daily specials, etc.)

While not every gym has there own cafeteria, snack bar or cafe, some larger gyms do have such facilities. If you operate one of these larger gyms, digital signage is a great way to increase revenues from your gym’s cafeteria, sanck bar or cafe. You can display daily specials or advertise the health benefits of different super foods served at your gym, and you can do so with mouthwatering images and moving, attention-grabbing content.

Exposure/ads for personal trainers

When personal trainers increase their client hours, both the personal trainer and your gym brings in more revenue. Additionally, clients who are committed to personal training are more likely to renew their gym memberships. Your digital signage can advertise these trainers while also providing useful content to your members. For example, these digital signage ads can display each trainer’s workout routines, client success stories, and favorite diet plans or nutrition tips.

Displays don’t have to be special to have impact

While most gyms do not have the resources to produce original content, these gyms can still provide great digital signage content to their users. One way to do this is to simply curate existing content for infotainment. Tap into your gym members’ interests, both general and specific, to provide them with personalized, relevant content. For starters, such content may include:

  • Live sports matches
  • Health news
  • Local information
  • Vendor ads to earn advertising subsidies (for any fitness-related products or services)

Why Screenly?

Screenly started from the resolve to democratize digital signage so that the average joe, rather than just large corporations, can benefit from digital signage solutions. So far, most other digital signage solutions are guaranteed to break any SME’s budgets.

Do you have an extra screen, monitor or TV lying around? Great - you can use Screenly on any 1080p HD TV with HDMI. Other than your monthly subscription, all you need to do is to purchase a Screenly Player for each of your screens from one of our Screenly distributors. The Screenly Player is a pre-configured Raspberry Pi digital signage player that delivers smooth 1080p video performance, all without taking up too much space or chipping away at your budget. Also, note that you can convert any existing Raspberry Pi hardware into a Screenly Player.

Customized content, hands-free maintenance

Like any other business owner, you have enough on your plate already. That’s why we’ve simplified all aspects of digital signage management for you.

Screenly’s built-in asset management and auto-updates eliminate the need for you to physically visit any deployed screens. By pre-setting a personalized playlist, you can address your gym members in a way that is both timely and context-relevant.

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